last update: 2018 05 30


Intelligence means movement of things.
Useful intelligence and useful work is the same.
Even the most primitive machine is intelligent.

In 2018, many persons use the terms narrow AI or weak AI and general AI or AGI.
I would distinguish AI by the depth of understanding of things.
Depth measured by how many things the AI computes logically.
Depth is a quantitative aspect unlike the qualitative aspect of an ability.


The ability to complete a certain task.

Machine ability

By definition a machine has one or more abilities.

Complex ability

A complex ability involves the use of other abilities.

Use of other abilities by communication.
Exponential increase of power is achieved by growth and parallelism (= things or operations at different places at the same time, IMO).

Creation of machine abilities

The great benefit of intelligent machines and persons is the ability:

Why advance machine abilities

Not improving and creating more abilities means:

Protection against harmful beings

The best way might be:

Self-awareness, self-consciousness

See here.

Drive, motivation

See here.